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Submitted on Friday 17 June 2016
Submitted on Thursday 5 February 2015
AncientOrigins.net journalist Mark Miller presents a fascinating story about the boundary debate regarding the South China Sea islands: Link to Article
Submitted on Thursday 3 July 2014
Title Page, Atlas Major, vol. 5
Three more volumes of Joan Blaeu’s Atlas Major, sive cosmographia have been posted to the site: volume 3, covering “Germania” [van der Krogt, 2:601[-3].3]; volume 4, covering “The Low Countries” [van der Krogt, 2:601[-3].4]; and volume 5, covering England [van der Krogt, 2:601[-3].5].
Submitted on Wednesday 7 May 2014
The Portsmouth Historical Society is celebrating the 400th anniversary of Capt. John Smith's sailing down the coast of what he would later call New England with an exhibition detailing the history of the mapping of the Piscataquis Region of Maine and New Hampshire (9 May through 3 November, 2014).
Submitted on Monday 5 May 2014
Many European nations attempted New World colonies during the 17th century, but odds are that you have never heard of Scotland's attempt at imperialism. Unfortunately for the Scottish colonists, the colonial effort was placed in one of the harshest environments in the Americas, the jungles of Panama. Even today, the area, known as the Darien Gap, is one of the most dangerous places in the Western Hemisphere.
Submitted on Friday 4 April 2014
Africa on a cordiform projection
The (London) Guardian had a great piece in yesterday's newspaper on the representation of Africa in early and modern maps. Give it a read!
Submitted on Monday 17 March 2014
For Junior Cartographers... Create a map of an imaginary continent in either the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean. We suggest you use at least one of the following: Compass Rose, Longitude & Latitude Lines, Scale, Map Legend.
Submitted on Friday 7 February 2014
We are pleased to announce that we have posted to the site the second volume of the Atlas Major, sive cosmographia by Joan Blaeu. (See an earlier blog post about the volumes).   Volume 2 covers Sweden, Russia, Poland, Southeastern Europe and Greece [van der Krogt, 2:601[-3].2, OML ref Z6028.K6 2000]
Submitted on Wednesday 20 November 2013
The OML exhibition, "To the Ends of the Earth . . . and back," curated by Arthur Dunkelman from materials in the Jay I. Kislak Polar Collection, is the subject of a review in the Portland Press Herald!  
Submitted on Thursday 24 October 2013
According to NPR the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will cease to print the lithographic nautical charts that it has printed since the 1860's. These charts will still be available digitally from the NOAA and physically through authorized vendors, but this marks the end of an era. Read the full story here.


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