Request a Field Trip or Class Visit

We love having classes come visit us! Teachers are encouraged to choose a Visit Theme that fits into their current curriculum. Field trips last from 75 to 90 minutes and typically include:

  • a pre-teaching activity conducted in the classroom before the day of visit
  • an inquiry-based lesson using OML's original materials as primary sources
  • a hands-on activity or group game related to the lesson subject
  • a scavenger-hunt activity with our current exhibition
  • and a tour of the Smith Globe Collection

OML's Outreach team is also available to visit classrooms, clubs, and enrichment and after-school programs within an hour's drive of Portland, Maine. The recommended time allotment for a class visit is typically 60 minutes. A classroom visit includes a pre-teaching activity conducted in the classroom before the day of visit, an inquiry-based lesson using facsimiles of OML items, and a group game or hands-on activity related to the lesson subject.

Please note: Our schedule can fill up quickly during certain parts of the academic year. While we will accept short-notice visit requests if we happen to have an opening, it will be easier to find a convenient day if you submit your request well ahead of time. If possible, we recommend requesting field trips and classroom visits at least one month in advance during most parts of the year. During late winter and early spring, we recommend submitting your request six weeks ahead of time to ensure you have multiple date options to choose from.

Contact Information

Please choose "Field Trip" for onsite visits to Osher Map Library. For an in-classroom lesson, choose "Classroom Visit".