Website Structure

This website is structured according to OML’s goals in advancing its mission. On the main menu bar, above:

View/Find Maps

Library activities (research): find early maps preserved by OML and view them online, describe the collections, and how to use them on-site at OML.


Library activities (outreach): presentation and interpretation of early maps through online exhibitions that explore thematic groupings of maps, special exhibits that study maps in great detail, and brief commentaries on individual maps.


Instructional activities: on-site, off-site, and online instruction in early maps—addressing a variety of themes in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences—for both the K-12 and college/university communities. For the K-12 community, OML offers online lesson plans as well as on-site instruction. For the college community, and in particular the University of Southern Maine, OML offers full courses and individual guest classes.

News & Events

Public outreach: news about OML's activities, including public lectures and tours, and about the field of map history generally.

Give to OML

How to support OML's activities, whether by joining the Friends of the Osher Map Library or by donating to its collections.


Information about both OML’s operations in support of all of the above programs and the field of Map History generally.


This website was designed and its implementation overseen by Matthew Edney, with the help of OML staff led by then curator, Yolanda Theunissen:

  • the content-side was prepared in Drupal by John Warren, of USM Libraries;
  • all high-resolution, digital imagery has been prepared by OML's digital imaging team, initially Ron Levere and currently David Neikirk and Adinah Barnett, with their student helpers;
  • Osgood (the interface for searching and displaying images) was initially prepared by Ron Levere ~ Jonathan Butland, OML's web consultant, significantly refined and substantially expanded this foundation, in PHP and related programming scripts, with advice from David Neikirk;
  • Jonathan Butland also developed OML's inhouse wiki and the Map History Directory, both in MediaWiki;
  • the catalog database queried by Osgood was created in FileMakerPro by Ron Levere and has been refined and expanded by David Neikirk;
  • USM student Matthew Carter populated the exhibitions with imagery;
  • network and server support was provided by Jon Dustin, of USM's computing services.

The financial support of the Friends of the Osher Map Library and USM Libraries is gratefully acknowledged.