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Submitted on Thursday 18 April 2013
Today's Portland Daily Sun (18 April 2013) has a nice feature about OML's new exhibition, Torn in Two.
Submitted on Wednesday 17 April 2013
NPR has a brilliant piece today by Robert Krulwich on mapping regional communities in the USA, both by tracing the limits to the circulation of dollar bills and patterns of telephone usage. Dirk Brockmann, at Northwestern processed the data from the US Treasury about bill circulation:
Submitted on Wednesday 17 April 2013
"You Are Here: Maps and Meanings" is a new exhibition, running 2 April to 9 November 2013, at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. The exhibition is open 9 am–4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. From the blurb: We all use maps to find our way. Yet maps can show much more than destinations. They help define who we are and where we belong, and can help us understand our world in new ways. See a variety of striking, intriguing and revealing maps from the rich collection of the Wisconsin Historical Society and explore the place we call Wisconsin.
Submitted on Thursday 11 April 2013
Language Log has a piece today on the mis-use of "unchartered" (without a charter) when people mean "uncharted" (without a map). The OED entry on "uncharted" ~ and especially "uncharted territory" ~ has not been updated since 1921, when the word was still a novelty: it was first used only late in the nineteenth century at the height of European imperialism and the anxiety for filling in all those blanks on the map. mhe
Submitted on Tuesday 9 April 2013
Cartography Corner
The Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Cartography Corner: K-12 Education Outreach Newsletter is now available for download.
Submitted on Monday 8 April 2013
We're very pleased to announce that OML has recently received an impression of a very rare map of the Atlantic, published in Amsterdam ca.1630, by Willem Blaeu (OS-1630-8).
Submitted on Monday 25 March 2013
I was just grazing some of OML's online images, and for some reason decided to look at a map of Palestine, based on the original work ofTilemann Stella, from a later edition of Ortelius's Theatrum orbis terrarum (OML-1597-7). Among other things, it shows the supposed route of the Israelites during the Exodus. But then I noticed, on the left-hand side,
Submitted on Saturday 23 March 2013
We are very pleased to announce that an online version OML's 2012-2013 exhibition, Iconic America: The United States Map as a National Symbol; Highlights from the Fondersmith Collection of Cartographic Ephemera, is now installed on the OML website:
Submitted on Thursday 21 March 2013
The Museum of Childhood recently discussed an 1811 sampler by an otherwise anonymous English girl which shows not the usual decorative themes, nor even a map of part of the world, but a map of the solar system.
Submitted on Wednesday 20 March 2013
Part of the counties of Charlotte and Albany
The Osher Map Library holdings include some fascinating maps from the American Revolution.


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