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Submitted on Thursday 10 January 2013
OML has acquired a small collection of private papers from the archives of Lemuel Moody (1767-1846), famous for his work in creating the Portland Observatory (1807-9). He also made and published, in 1825, a chart of Casco Bay and Portland harbor. This archive has much of interest about the history of the chart and of the navigation of Casco Bay (1825-1839). It also includes material about Moody’s sale of other charts and chronometers (1830-1841) and his scientific observations, such as his determination of the longitude of Munjoy Hill (1819-1835).
Submitted on Sunday 23 December 2012
ISHM ~ the International Society for the History of the Map ~ is about to enter it's second year. Everyone is invited to join. By doing so you will receive a reduced subscription to Imago Mundi, the main journal in the field. (The combined membership and journal subscription are together less than the standard journal subscription!) For more information about the fledgling society, see http://ishm.elte.hu/.
Submitted on Thursday 20 December 2012
Ten of the most interesting maps produced (in the USA) in 2012 - all are indeed fascinating images.
Submitted on Tuesday 13 November 2012
Ana Holguin has provided a succinct and powerful interpretation of the place of maps in one contemporary artist's work.
Submitted on Monday 5 November 2012
The next series of the Kenneth Nebenzahl Jr. Lectures in the History of Cartography will be held at the Newberry Library, Chicago, 24-26 October 2013.
Submitted on Saturday 29 September 2012
The next ICHC will be held in Helsinki, 30 June to 5 July, 2013.
Submitted on Tuesday 31 July 2012
Cartography Corner contains news about recent achievements and upcoming opportunities taking place in OML's K-12 Education Outreach programs. CartographyCornerWinterSpring2012


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